Hello, My name is Alex and I’m 23 years old and as you can possibly tell, I’m a car guy through & through – everything in my life revolves around cars and always has done since I was a baby.

The reason for my love of cars started with my dad really who used to work for a car rental company called Kennings (now known as Sixt) when we used to stay in London, he was in such a position in his job that he was able not just sign vehicles off the transporters & also deliver vehicles nationwide but he was able to bring some vehicles home with him every night and while they weren’t exactly the best names in the business and weren’t anything special the different shapes, different sizes and different overall feeling of them all made me interested in cars to a point I could name each and every car in a car park without even looking at the badges when I was 3 years old.

The love for them never went away and still to this day I’m still a petrol head, during my late teens, I started to get into the mechanical side of cars and how they actually worked which led me onto enrolling into two separate colleges, the first being Kilmarnock College and the other being Motherwell College where I spent 4 years in both & got myself a LVL 2 IMI Light Vehicle Mechanical Engineering certificate & grading which led me onto fixing my beloved Volvo C70 Coupé which I’d bought back in 2015 as my first car.

I never really envisioned myself as a writer or journalist as such which is odd as that was what I enjoyed the most in english in the school and I never thought I’d be doing this all the time but after having some major setbacks with my health, I decided to leave the college for good & focus on this instead as Mechanics was just too much for my own health to deal with & I was really enjoying writing in my spare time, a shame really as I really loved the college & also going round the dealers up in Motherwell and taking pictures and also getting a sense of supercars & other prestige cars, it might not sound like much but after moving from London to a small village in Scotland it’s a big deal.

I hope to take this website further and make it into a fully fledged business in the not too distant future and take it away from being a hobby on the side and that is currently my current goal to work towards, secondly is getting out their and driving some awe-inspiring machinery from all different manufacturers and all different places. I’ve already went to a couple of Launch Events albeit these have both been in the same dealer which was Volvo Parks Ayr, I want to go to more obviously and to different manufacturers of course but for now these wonderful bunch of people will do just nicely, they treat people so nicely and have a real sense of customer care which is nigh on unheard of in the dealership network these days, I hope to start with them first of all and then branch out to others to broaden my horizons.

As mentioned earlier, I currently own a Volvo C70 Coupé which is my first car and has kind of inadvertently become somewhat of a project car and has been ever since the end of 2016, this came about due to the current college course I was in and being quite comfortable in it so I done what any other car guy would do in that situation and put my newly acquinted skills into good use and decided to fix up a few little niggles that started to bother me about the car and it kind of snowballed into the restoration project it’s currently become now, I’d also like to add that into the mix as well as potential road trips with it & the likes.

If you like what you see, feel free to follow me both on here and on my social media pages which is in the ‘Contact Us’ Section on the home page, I hope you enjoy what you see and feel free to get involved with anything I write about.

Yours Sincerely

Alex Jebson