Volvo C70 Coupe | Say Hello To My First Car!!!

Hey Everyone! Here is my 2000 Volvo C70 Coupe 2.0 Turbo Manual, She is my first ever car and I’ve had her since I was 17, She is finished off in Saffron Orange Pearl and is sitting on 17″ Factory BBS Propus Alloys.

I’ve always wanted a Volvo C70 since the summer of 2014, if I’m honest I’d never really thought that much of Volvo before – I always thought they were for old people but that all changed when my mum bought a Volvo S80 MK1 home, on the way home from buying it I started to really like it, so much so I started looking some up once home.

I decided to go onto AutoTrader and all the other car selling sights to see if there was any Volvo’s which I would be interested in buying once I was older and that’s when I stumbled across the C70.

I soon realised that they were dirt cheap to buy and surprisingly cheap to insure even though they had relatively big engines compared to a typical first car like a Corsa etc. Now like every young lad I shown my parents the C70 and at first they weren’t so sure and thought I was winding them up like I normally do but after realising I wasn’t being a joker, they started looking up on it they soon told me to go for it.

After having a bit of a discussion with my parents, my mum said that she would pay my bills while I was at the College so I could save up the funds from the college over an academic year so I could buy it.

I was told by the doctors that as long as I didn’t have any health issues I’d be allowed to own a car and drive it once I was clear, everything was going well but my first college started to cause arguments which then meant there was problems with me and my parents with constant arguing, I was determined to get a C70 Coupe, My parents were wanting me to get a smaller car because they were worried that I wouldn’t have enough money to run my car once I had eventually bought it.

After a while and with no choice whatsoever concerning the college, I just kept on saving money and got on with my work the best I could at college, as always I was always looking on Auto Trader, Ebay and Gumtree to look at C70’s for sale as I was truly smitten with them. After a long time searching I came across a Saffron Orange C70 Coupe down in Taunton in the south of England for £2,500, It was stunning and I loved the colour, it really really went well with the car and the specification of it in general was truly gorgeous.

Unfortunately after a few weeks of looking at it for sale it got taken off of AutoTrader – hoping it’d never been sold, I went searching again trying to find it but as it always goes when someone has found a car they like it got snatched up, don’t fear however, After a while of looking I found what was to be my C70.

That’s when I came across mine, it is in the spec I was always after, alongside the paint and wheels it also sports a two tone leather interior which really goes well with the rest of the car, It has the 2.0T B5204T4 Engine fitted which is the engine I had to get as it was the only way of getting a C70 at 17 due to insurance costs, also it was in my £2500 budget and it had only done 68,000 miles which was even better because lower mileage Volvo’s go for a lot more money. After a discussion we decided to go and take a closer look at it the day after which turned out to be a college day, I couldn’t wait till the college day finished so I could see it.

We got in contact with the previous owner so we could meet him at his house to see it, as soon as I left the college and went to his house and saw it for the first time I knew it was the one I was after!

I was besotted with it as soon as I saw it. Since owning it I’ve had to change the Stereo, the battery and put new tyres on it, I taken it to a Car Show up in Glasgow when I first bought it to show it off, and to my surprise a few people were quite interested in it.

Since ownership, I have fixed up most of it’s issues and transformed it to the way I have always wanted it to be, a few people have said that I’m mad for doing it but after seeing it, they love whats been done and they can’t wait till it’s finished.

Even though she is nearly finished, I have plans to get the interior retrimmed because the seats are getting a bit tatty and worn as well as get it Resprayed and the Alloys refurbished as the bodywork is still in a state. All mechanics wise its brilliant, She’s had brand new brakes all round, a brand new power steering bottle & suction hose as well as a refurbished alternator, Interior wise she’s had new dash trim & centre console trim, some new switches and a new gear knob, Exterior wise she’s had an all round facelift to 03-05 spec with “Jewel” Style Headlamps, An Egg Crate Grille, US Spec Indicators and Facelifted rear lamps.

At the moment I can’t think of any other car which could replace it, not even a brand new car could replace it. I’m definitely going to go for another Volvo again when I decide its time for a change.

Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson


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