The C70 has got a well deserved makeover! 

So after having the Volvo C70 Coupe for a good year and a half now I’ve decided to fix it up as it was looking a little bit rough around the edges, over the last few weeks and months I’ve given the car a well deserved makeover starting with new headlamps, a new grille and facelifted tail lamps.

I started by fitting second hand “Jewel” Style Headlamps and US Spec indicators to it to smarten up the front end and make it look a few years younger. After a while however the left hand headlamp started to lose it’s reflectivity and after a botched respray with some chrome paint from a rattle can and some Clearcoat it didn’t look very good, which meant i had to replace it with a brand new one from Taggarts Volvo in Motherwell, Scotland. 


Once the new headlamp was fitted (3 bolts and the electrical connections) i quickly moved onto fitting an Egg Crate Grille from the facelifted C70 Convertibles from ’03-’05 (V70 XC as well), i was able to find one on eBay for £80 all in (shipping included) all the way from California, USA.

After fitting the new(ish) Grille (about 8 clips- i had to replace one as i misplaced one) i moved onto fitting Facelifted rear tail lamps from the ’03-’05 Convertibles, it wasn’t an easy task as i originally ordered some wrong ones (connections weren’t the same plus didn’t fit into the same place as they were slightly too short) so just like the headlamp unit i went back to Taggarts Volvo in Motherwell and ordered the correct housings and went about fitting them.

So after fitting the new passenger headlamp i noticed that the drivers (right hand side) headlamp was looking foggy and slightly hazy so i started to clean it using ChrisFix’s Headlamp Restoration Video on YouTube and it came out rather well (not the best but noticeably better).

I had to leave it 24 hours looking like this so none of the products and chemicals used didn’t go onto the paintwork of the car. A few people in the street thought it had been hit and i was covering it with a binbag to cover the wing. The next morning i went outside and after a little bit of fettling it started to look a whole lot better.

While i was cleaning it up i decided to fit a spare weather strip to stop possible water ingress (cause of the fogginess) and so far it’s not come back, when i have some spare time i will go over it with some Meguairs Carnauba Wax to give it some extra shine and protection.

So there you have it!, the C70 has gone from a 1996-2002 spec car to a 2003-2005 spec car, with all the upgrades it has cost about £770 pounds which isn’t cheap but is definitely worth it as it transforms the look of the car all round and makes it a whole lot younger than it actually is. Hopefully sometime soon it’ll be going for a full body Respray and the wheels refurbished so keep tuned for that!

2 thoughts on “The C70 has got a well deserved makeover! 

  1. Facelift lights and grille are a huge improvement, looks great. Can’t beat a Saffy C70 Coupe for looks imo. Looking forward to more updates

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