My First Ever Tartan Tarmac Meet!

The date – 26/3/17, The Location – Motherwell College, The Car – My C70 Coupé, This was my first ever Tartan Tarmac Meet!

So after getting the C70 to a decently running state and with it’s MOT/Inspection passed i decided to take it to it’s first ever Tartan Tarmac meet up at Motherwell College in Lanarkshire, the reason for going was because of two things, one I’m currently a student at the college in question and secondly i had seen pictures from previous meets and it was something i was interested in going along to so when the opportunity to go to one at the college i jumped at the chance.

The time it was on for was from 9:30am to 12:30pm as it was one of their well known Breakfast Meets. We got there for 8:30am so we could finish off getting the car ready and so we could find a space, slowly but surely cars started to roll in and that’s when i started to realise what i had been missing – and that was the variety of cars on show. Mini’s parked next to Mclarens, hot hatches parked next to Porsche’s, mini club stands from the likes of BMW and American Muscle cars to Porsche’s, the cars were truly amazing and a real testament to their owners, if it was original, modified, a project car or even a cheap car they were all welcomed with no hate from anybody, everyone was welcoming and loved to chat about their cars and what they’d done to them, it was a brilliant atmosphere with over 300 people in total at the meet, the cars were absolutely amazing with some being right off the scale, so rare they’re never seen anywhere – not even in museums.

The Cars were truly stunning, anything from Supercars to Classics were all welcomed and loved, even my C70 got some interest with some of the people there which was quite a surprise to me as it’d never happened before. It was one of the best meets I’ve been too thus far, I’ll certainly be going to more! Here’s more of the cars from the meet.

Hope you enjoyed the write up!