Could there be a BRZ STi coming soon?

For the last 5 years or so now the Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ have been gracing our roads with their Flat Four engines and their RWD Drivetrain, in those last five years the same complaint has kept on plaguing the two identical sports cars – they’re just not powerful enough.

Now while Tuners and Aftermarket Specialists have been able to get around that by modifying them in all different ways, the manufacturers haven’t done anything to them to make them quicker, instead just giving them a facelift and changing a few bits and pieces here and there to make it more fun.

Thankfully five years after they were first released a fast version is going to hopefully be released by none other than Subaru, they released a picture on Twitter of what looks like the rear end of a BRZ with an almighty rear spoiler with STi embossed on it with the date 8/6/17 in the quote – could this finally be a BRZ STi?, I hope so!


Subaru came out with an BRZ STi Concept back in 2015 which was hinting at an STi version of the BRZ but unfortunately nothing came of it, The Concept came out with 450bhp from it’s flat four engine, it had uprated brakes, stickier tyres and an aero package included.

Large Image_11041

If Subaru was to produce an STi version, a detuned version of the concept would be good as it wouldn’t need 450bhp to be a weapon – 300bhp should be enough.

So come on Subaru, do the right thing and put the BRZ STi into Production! We as petrolheads beg of you to produce it!

Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson

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