How i fell in love with a Classic Aston Martin!

Now Ever since I was a young boy I’ve always loved Aston Martins, they were just the perfect Marque in my mind – stunning exteriors, marvelous sounding engines and absolutely gorgeous interiors plus being associated with James Bond himself made me fall for them straight away, for me they are definitely my dream Marque with the DB9 being my dream car! 

Now for me, I love the Classic Aston Martins as they are just simply gorgeous with the DB5 taking the top spot – thanks no end to the Bond Films, so when I got the chance to get up close and personal to a 1954 DB2/4 I immediately snapped up the opportunity and thank god I did! 

The DB2/4 was a GT car produced between 1953 till 1957 and was a rival for the Jaguar XK140 and the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing as well as many others from when GT cars were the cars to have, it was based on the DB2 which it replaced but with a few changes here and there which included a wraparound windscreen, larger bumpers and repositioned lights, it was available in three body styles; Saloon, Fixed Head Coupe (FHC for Short) and as a Drop Head Coupe (DHC For Short) 

Early cars were available with a 2.6 litre dual carbureted inline six which produced 125 bhp while later cars were equipped with a 2.9 straight six which upped power to 140 bhp; decent power for the time. It was eventually replaced by the DB MKIII in 1957 which was more of a sports car than a GT Car. 

The DB2/4 in question is for sale with Peter Vardy Heritage in Hillington, Glasgow inside the Car Store – it is a two owner car which has been dry stored for 42 years, it is an early MK1 DB2/4 2.6 litre Saloon and has every single receipt and paperwork you could ever imagine – it even has the original manual and build/spec sheet with it too! 

It is currently up for sale for £240,000 here and has to be the best conditioned car I’ve ever come across – there’s no mark on it whatsoever, everything is like new inside and outside!

Whoever is lucky enough to buy it is going to have a beautiful car and a very rare car too as there’s only 448 examples left on the roads, this is a car i’ll probably never get to see again as it’s so rare!

Price wise it is in a totally different league to modern day exotics and supercars and is also significantly cheaper than other similarly aged Aston Martins – for instance a DB6 for sale will set you back upwards of £350,000 and a DB5 is well over a million pounds these days, so the DB2/4 is a bargain compared to those two vintage Aston’s.

I’d like to personally thank both Craig and Stuart and the rest of the salesmen from Peter Vardy Heritage for letting me come along and take photo’s and for also showing me around the car itself, without their help none of this would’ve happened!

If you ever get a chance to visit the Car Store i’d highly recommend going over to the Heritage Department and having a look at their stock, they have some absolutely unbelievable cars in stock – everything from a Mini Moke to a Ferrari 365 with some you’ll never get to see in the likes of a Museum or a car show, also because they are for sale you can also buy one of them if you have the money which is also an added bonus! 


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson

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