Why I Left Motherwell College!

Now apart from the Progress on the C70 or on the Legacy I don’t normally post about my personal life too much but this is something I can’t not post – I’ve left the College for good!, it’s not been an easy situation but it couldn’t be helped.

Now for the last 4 years I’ve been a College student studying Vehicle Mechanics, I done two years in Kilmarnock College and the last two years up in Motherwell College, out of the two colleges I preferred Motherwell solely because they never put anyone down and always pushed their students to do their very best in whatever they done.

For the two years I was in there I studied Level 1 Heavy Vehicle Mechanics on HGV’s and on the course I’ve just finished I was studying Level 2 Light Vehicle Mechanics – Cars to me and you!

I’ve Enjoyed every second of the two years I’ve been there and I’ve met some brilliant people, made some mates plus gotten on with everyone I’ve come across in there which is something I’ve never been able to do before through school or even in my old college neither.

So what is making me leave? well unfortunately I suffer from Epilepsy which is quite severe and have done since 2014 and recently I’ve been suffering from some memory problems due to the fits, now not everyone who has epilepsy suffers from memory problems but there are some people who do and unfortunately I’m one of them and due to the work involved in the 3rd year course and the stresses which come along with that I don’t want to put my health at risk and possibly have another fit so I’ve decided to leave.

The Tutors and all the staff I’ve been involved with are all supportive of my decision to leave and are understandable of the reasons I’m leaving and wish me good luck in the future in whatever I do which has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders.

Now I will definitely miss Motherwell College as it’s been one of the best places I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to. It’s the only educational building I’ve ever been under who have actually pushed me into not just being a better Mechanic but a better person overall so for that reason alone I will definitely miss it, as well as that I’ve also met some brilliant tutors and made some brilliant mates too as mentioned above who I will miss dearly as well.

So what is the next step for me now I’ve left the college?, well for a start off I will have more time on my hands to fix up both the C70 and now the Legacy, I’ll have more time to go to more car meets like Tartan Tarmac and other places plus I would like to turn Forced Induction into a fully fledged business which will then mean I’ll hopefully become a self taught self employed Automotive Journalist which is something I’ve had in plans for ages now and with me leaving the college I can now focus on that more than I currently am.

For anyone who is ever contemplating on going to Motherwell College or even any of the other New College Lanarkshire Campuses I definitely recommend them to anybody as they are absolutely brilliant and have treated me and others with the up-most respect ever, you’ll definitely enjoy it up there!

It’s a shame it’s had to come to this but I feel it’s the best for me to leave and focus on other things in my life and sort my health before I have another fit and it leaves me back at square one all over again.


By Alex Jebson

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