Say Hello To Aston Martin’s new Vantage!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is Aston Martins new Vantage Model. Based on the V8 Vantage GTE Race Car which recently won it’s class at Le Mans, this model is only built for one thing and one thing only – going downhill as quickly as possible!

Say Hello to the V8 Vantage GTE Redbull Soapbox Racecar, an Aston Martin Racing Official Soapbox Racer for the famous Redbull Soapbox Race, now instead of a V8 or V12 engine this only has one thing powering it and that’s gravity. 

So why are Aston Martin doing this? well when they first came out, Aston’s were raced in Hill climbs around the UK and were rather successful so this should hopefully tip things on their heads in quite a lot of ways, also Aston Martin have a successful Innovative Partnership with Redbull themselves. 

Entrants are judged on multiple things which include Speed, Creativity of Design and Showmanship and this is where Aston Martin should have the upper hand as both Darren Turner & Jonny Adam will be there to help support Alex Summers who will be piloting the GTE Soapbox Racer.

Now I’m not into Soapbox racing that much as i’ve never really sat down and watched it properly, but now that Aston Martin are getting involved i need to watch it and see how well they do – and you never know, i might enjoy it that much that’ll watch it properly from now on.

if anyone is interested in watching it,  it’ll be on TV tomorrow (10/07/17) at 5PM (GMT) on Dave (Sky 111, Freeview 12, Virgin 127), i’ll certainly be watching out for the Aston Martin and how they do!


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson

#ProjectLegacys first ever car meet and what’s going on with #ProjectC70?!

So recently as you may know, I’ve taken on a new project car to go alongside the C70 in the shape of an ’06 Subaru Legacy 2.0 R Sports Tourer Semi-Auto, in essence it’s my parents car which we’ve had for over a year now, now as we can’t start working on it as of yet due to lack of funds we decided to take it to last months Tartan Tarmac meet up at Motherwell College, why you ask? Well here’s the reason why:

Now for the last couple of Tartan Tarmac meets I’ve been to, I’ve always bought along the C70 because not just is it my car but people can come up and see whats been done to it and ask questions etc. about the next steps I’m going to be doing to it, this time however the C70 took a wobbly by causing a power steering leak (which is getting rectified as i type) plus it needed new jubilee clips and an overall clean up so while that was out of commission i asked if it was possible to bring along the Legacy and thankfully i got permission. 

Now apart from a Terraclean the car is ountouched so what people saw at the meet was what the car starts off like – with improvements on the way including a wishbone, possible an exhaust system, new mechanical components as well as other stuff with one being the JDM Aero Kit for it.

Since we’ve owned it, we have never taken it to a car meet because it’s the family workhorse and is not in anyway a show car, so this was the first ever meet it went to since we bought it back last year and while it did look a little out of place she did get noticed by some people which is always good and thankfully we weren’t the only Legacy Owners there, she seemed to fit in effortlessly with the fellow Subaru groups there which again is always good.

As always at a Tartan Tarmac meet the cars were unreal, anything from classic Austin Sevens to the brand new McLaren 720S provided by none other than McLaren Glasgow in Hamilton, as well as the 720s there was also Lotus there with an Evora 400 and Edinburgh Watch Company was there as well and as always the atmosphere was brilliant with everyone willing to chat about their own cars and cars in general, as well as that i was also able to meet up and introduce myself to more people who i know through Forced Induction and it’s corresponding social media outlets which made it even better as i never imagined the following that it’s got. 

Hopefully for the next Tartan Tarmac meet I’ll be bringing the C70 back along if i can get it back together again in time, it’s currently got no coolant in it and no power steering fluid in it and some pipework removed from it as it’s getting an engine clean as well as new jubilee clips and a new power steering bottle fitted as there was a major leak from the bottle and cap, so all going well i should be in the C70 for this months TT meet. 

Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson.