ProjectC70’s Engine Clean Is Finally Done!

So as the Title of this Article Reads, ProjectC70’s mega engine clean is finally finished! – Over the course of a month she has went from a car with a dirty unloved engine bay to a car which bay looks as if you could literally eat your dinner from it! Here’s how it went from unloved to shimmering:

Now when I started to take the C70 to the likes of Tartan Tarmac Meets, I always noticed one thing wrong with my car – I was always embarrassed to open the bonnet and show off the engine to the other like minded petrolheads due to the engine being so dirty, something had to be done so for the last month or so I’ve been doing a mega engine clean to her.

The first thing I done was removed all the hoses and connections to get to the old & rusty jubilee clips and clamps as they were the originals and were severely rusted into place, that meant i had to drain the coolant, the power steering bottle, remove the top coolant hose, remove the air filter lid, remove a hose for the turbo amongst many electrical connections and other wiring, at first it seemed as if i’d bitten off more than i could’ve chewed but i had an idea of what i was doing so there was no going back – it had to be done!

After replacing all the clips with new ones and putting the hoses back where they were, the next step was the actual engine clean itself – now for this step I had been suggested by friends to use Autoglym Engine Degreaser and Rubber & Vinyl Cleaner for a brilliant result but before that i had to prepare the engine for the clean, so for that I used Silver Waterproof, Heatproof & Rustproof Tape and my god it has to be the best tape i’ve ever used, when applied it looked and felt like I’d wrapped the electrical connections and wiring in Kitchen Foil, once the tape was applied i got round to cleaning the engine!

Now at first the hoses and plastics came up a treat but after hosing the cleaning products down i started to notice that the plastics had started to fade which didn’t look good against the shiny hoses and clips so something had to be done! – And thanks to a close friend of mine named Richie, I was told to go and experiment with Autoglyms Bumper Gel to work in conjunction with the engine cleaning products to bring the shine back up on the plastics, also while I was there I also got told to buy wire wool drill attachments for the embedded dirt on the metals and the Manifolds as a normal detailing brush wouldn’t get rid of the dirt. Once the bumper gel was applied and the metals polished up with the wire wool attachments the engine started to really take shape – it started to look as if a brand new engine was fitted into the car it was that clean!

The only thing which had to be done was a new Power Steering Bottle to be added alongside some fresh power steering fluid and coolant as they had been drained, the reason why the power steering bottle was replaced was because there was a hairline crack in the bottle and also the seal in the cap had worn down so it was pissing it’s fluid everywhere which didn’t look good and also didn’t do the steering any good neither. with a new bottle in place and new fluids in the bottles the car was ready to be started after it’s month of sitting with it’s throat cut!

Now this was the bit i was dreading – with the reason being I’d never done an engine clean before in my life on any car I’d previously worked on, one wrong move on my part and the engine could’ve been toast but after checking every single hose, electrical connection and every part of the engine and making sure all the fluids were in with no leaks I decided to start up the car and she sprung into life on the first turn of the key, no spluttering or nothing – Who says Volvo’s can’t be reliable! After constantly checking on the car for about 10-15 minutes checking every bit of the engine bay for any leaks i was satisfied that she was fixed, best bit of all was the temperature gauge, it was sitting exactly where it should be which made things so much better as I could finally calm down and celebrate a little bit. However this was in no way the C70 finished as i had a little trick up my sleeve to further improve the cleanliness of the engine and that was to replace the old rocker cover screws for new ones for the rocker cover, cam cover and the fuel rail cover, this was probably the easiest and least stressful part of the engine clean as all I had to do was remove the plastic parts of the engine and put in new screws and clean up any bits I’d missed one last time with a wire wool attachment.

​With the new screws in place and the engine having a proper clean up she is now looking a million dollars, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but I have seriously outdone myself with the engine clean, I never thought she’d look this good when she was finished – best bit of all now however is I can now finally show off the cars engine to fellow petrolheads without feeling embarrassed anymore!

Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson

Shmee150 Hunting at Ignition 2017!

What do you get if you cross ex Top Gear Live organizers and a Car Show in Glasgow, Scotland? You create the Ignition Festival Of Motoring! Now this is not the first time I’ve been to Ignition as I went there last year when it first debuted, now while last year was great and still a brilliant car show, this years show was absolutely unbelievable!

First of all the Atmosphere was so much better than last years show, we turned up at about 12pm on the Friday and even then the amount of people there was unreal, we parked in the Multi-story car park near the grand stands and the amount of people watching plus the atmosphere as a whole was gob smacking, I’ve never seen it so packed!

Now the first thing you notice when driving up to the event is the noise of the cars on the street circuit, the noise literally bounces off the buildings nearby, every kind of car was on track – anything from classic F1 cars to Rally Legends, American Muscle to Drift Machines, when we turned up we got to see classic American Rat Rods, Hot Rods and Muscle cars, the noise alone was music to anyone’s ears, there’s nothing like a rumbling V8 at 12 o’clock in the afternoon!

Once the tickets were bought we got underway and the first thing we noticed was the amount of cars outside, anything from classic Mini’s to multiple Jaguars, the emergency services were even there to show off their vehicles & equipment, now apart from the track, the outside isn’t the best as there isn’t much vehicles outside at the shows – it was the same last year, however this year the layout was better so it looked as if there was more.

Now inside the Hydro is a different story, the main halls of the Hydro is where the show comes alive, the halls are full to the brim of cars and everything car related, in one of the small halls is where the R/C Tracks were held alongside a F1 Wheel changing challenge which is where I got a 10.71 second wheel change which is rather quick considering that one wheel came off and another wheel went on – I didn’t do 4 years of mechanics courses for nothing! in the same hall was a Knockhill stand as well as a Supercar Driving Experience stand showing off some of their awesome cars.

Now the Main hall is a totally different kettle of fish compared to the small hall which neighbors it, this is essentially where every single manufacture and nearly every single dealership is set up, everything from Abarth’s to Aston Martins, the Dealers were out in force with McLaren Glasgow, Aston Martin Edinburgh and Mercedes was there too!


Now alongside all the cars there was also Motorcycles there too with some absolutely beautiful examples from the likes of Ducati Glasgow, Harley Davidson Glasgow and Indian Motorcycle company, now i’m not really a big motorcycle fan but I couldn’t help but fall for them, especially the Army Inspired Harley Davidson the dealer was showing off, it was phenomenally gorgeous!


Also alongside the bikes was numerous companies selling their different products and services, one of which included Reep Scotland who I’ll hopefully be going to see soon about some PPF Film for my C70 which hopefully will be getting applied to her in the near future (more to come on that later), amongst the different stalls were numerous wheel restorers, leather seat restorers as well as paint restorers as well which not just catered to people like me but to many others who may need stuff like that doing.

Now onto the main subject and the title of this Article – I got to meet and talk to non other than Tim from Shmee150, now while he may not be on everyone’s list to meet, he is to me – it was people like him and other YouTubers in the car industry who essentially made me become an Automotive Journalist so to meet someone who essentially I watched and admired, it was a real treasure to meet him and thank god I did, he was so down to earth and he even gave me advice on how to become well known, he essentially said that if I love cars and love doing what I do and I put in the effort then why not and from somebody as successful as him to give me advice was unbelievable to little old me, I will certainly be taking his advice and will be putting it to good use.

In the Smaller hall on the other side of the main hall was where Tartan Tarmac had a stand, most of the cars there I’d seen before at their monthly events, it was really good to meet up again with them as I unfortunately never made it to their SEC Meet last Sunday, next to them Abarth had a little test track course people could go onto for some skilled driving as a passenger.

Now to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, Ignition had a special hall celebrating their anniversary, the Ferrari’s in their were out of this world, they had everything from the new 488 GTB to a 250 GTO! – That’s right, they had the most expensive Ferrari and also the most expensive car to date at the show surrounded by other major players in the Ferrari stable which included a Ferrari Enzo, an F50 and a F430 GT2 Race Car amongst many others.

At the other end of the Hydro there was Ride & Drive events on which included anything from Drifting in purpose built drift cars to Auto Testing, I went onto the Auto Testing which essentially meant that on the first lap I would guide the driver around a purpose built course using a map and on the second lap I would put the map down and the driver would go full pelt around said track as fast as he could go, I was in an MX-5 MK1 and even though it was only a 1.6 litre with about 120 bhp it was the most fun I’ve ever had – I was hanging onto the grab handle all the way round on the second lap with the biggest smile on my face, as Jeremy Clarkson once said, “Those who are last are sideways and smiling”.

All in all this years Ignition Festival was a petrolheads dream with cars from all ages there from different manufactures there too! I’ll certainly be there again next year and I’m already contemplating on bringing along ProjectC70 to next years show, I was originally going to bring her along to this years show but never had the money nor time to put her into the show unfortunately – Here’s to next years Show!


Hope You Enjoy!

From Alex Jebson