We Are Getting A New Car!!!!

So the time has come, we are officially getting rid of ProjectLegacy for another car, now even though it is a relatively sad time for us, we have no choice but to get rid as you’ll find out below.


So, where do we start? Well let’s start off with ProjectLegacy – essentially ProjectLegacy is a 2006 Subaru Legacy MK4 Wagon 2.0R Auto, we have had the pleasure of owning her for a good year and a half now and she has been the daily driver/family wagon, In the year & 1/2 of ownership she has racked up 166,000 miles and has taken us to numerous trips back & forth to the college to even going up to Glasgow for the Ignition Festival and to Peter Vardy Heritage to see the Aston Martin DB2/4, she has been one of the best cars we’ve ever had!

Before buying the Legacy we had a MK1 Forester Auto which again was another good family car but after nearly 175,000 miles on the clock it was tired and was showing its age both mechanically and cosmetically, after a year of owning the Forester we were able to upgrade to the Legacy and what a car it was, it ran beautifully, had all the space we needed yet was more powerful and more modern but unfortunately after a while it started to show its problems to the point that we just can’t afford to fix it up like I’d hoped.

For a start off, to get all the problems fixed you’d be talking about £3000 all in and for that money we could get a car in tons better shape, possibly newer with lower mileage and hopefully more powerful, so that’s what we’ve had to do, It’s time to say goodbye to the Legacy for now as we move on to bigger & better things and I’m glad to report it’s replacement on paper anyway is shaping up to not just be a better car overall but could possibly become a regular feature on this website in one way or another!

So what is the Legacies Replacement? Well for the time being my lips are sealed but expect an article in the next few days revealing what we’ve bought and why we’ve bought it and what the plans are for it, anyways lets go back to the Legacy for a second as something relatively important needs to get addressed.

The Legacy is an absolutely brilliant car and will forever be missed and will still be one of my favourite cars on the road, they certainly live up to their expectations as a usable daily or a family wagon  and are able to do so with absolutely no fuss or arguments whatsoever – It is one of last proper underdogs of the car world!, for anyone who is hesitant on buying one take it from me, they are one of the best cars ever made, if it wasn’t for it’s little problems and the parts being so expensive she would definitely be staying put!

The Legacy will be missed by all of us – especially by me! even though I have the Volvo, I’ve always loved the MK4 Legacy since they were launched back in 2003 and I will always have an affinity with them. If it wasn’t for insurance prices being so high i’d have one in a heartbeat!


Even though it is breaking me to write this article, the replacement is gonna take the Legacies crown and take over with it’s duties while still being an equally as epic car, By Saturday the Legacy will be gone and the replacement will be here taking it’s place, as noted before there’ll be more articles to come about it relatively soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Hope You Enjoy

By Alex Jebson

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