Say Hello To Our New Car!!!!

So it’s official! We finally have a new car to replace our trusted old Legacy, Say hello everybody to our 2007 Saab 9-5 Estate Auto which goes by the name of ‘Wasaabi’


Yes – That’s right!, we have replaced our 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon for a 2007 Saab 9-5 Wagon, now while the Subaru was a brilliant daily driver/family wagon, this Saab is something else, for a start she is a lower mileage example compared to others in the same price bracket plus she is a top spec example with nearly every single option ticked which includes heated seats, electric drivers seat, electric mirrors, Full leather seats, Dual zone climate control, Air Conditioning the lot!

Now for those who maybe wondering why it’s nicknamed Wasaabi, the simple answer is that she is not an any run of the mill 9-5 Estate, she just so happens to be a HOT Aero Estate which has a stonking 260bhp & an equally impressive 350nm of Torque from it’s 2.3T 4 Cylinder B235R engine which means she can do a 0-60 run in 8.1 seconds and can cruise up to 152mph, not too bad for a big 1.6 ton Swedish estate, in fact back in its day it could outrun a Porsche 911 Turbo in a 40 – 70 MPH sprint!

So what made us go for a Saab in the end? Well we never really thought of a Saab as a Legacy replacement, we were actually considering either a Toyota Avensis or another possibly another Subaru Forester to replace the Legacy, the two cars in question are very good cars in their own right but both had their flaws, if we got an Avensis it’d had to of been an estate which would’ve been fine if we could find any for sale within our budget, now if we’d have gone for the Forester we wouldn’t of had any problems in terms of space or even pace but Subaru Parts are an absolute joke in terms of price and that alone put us off and was a major reason why the Legacy had to go, This is where the oddball Swedish company comes into play.

The Saab had all the practicality and pace of the Forester yet was as cheap to run as the Avensis, for £1500 we were able to find a relatively good example top specced, low mileage example of a sporty swede Estate, now compared to the likes of both the Avensis & Forester, you’d have to pay double for either a top spec model or a low mileage example and they just didn’t have what the Saab has to offer.

I stumbled across our 9-5 on AutoTrader for a measly £1500 while looking at either estates or SUV’s within our £2k budget, after looking at it’s MOT History and other things we decided it was worth a shot and we couldn’t let it go, so we decided to put down a deposit and eventually buy it, only issue was a 300+ mile journey down to Luton to get it.

Now while it may not of been everyones best idea to go and travel 300+ miles to get a car, we decided it was best if we made a weekend of it, so instead of just going & buying it and bringing it home, we decided to go to a few different places we had either never been to or places we’d not visited in quite a while.


some of these places were Blackpool, Newton Pagnell & Lancaster, of all the places we visited, I loved Newport Pagnell, I was luckily able to visit the Aston Martin Works dealership while down there and get close to some of my dream cars from my favourite manufacturer, that alone made the 300+ mile trip worthwhile.


We have had the Saab now for 1 week and we are already smitten with it, now like every car, it does have it’s little issues & niggles but it’s not drastic and can be easily fixed without breaking the bank, in fact, during the last week, it’s already had new tyres fitted alongside a brand new battery, some new bulbs and some new wipers too, soon it is due to have the thermostat changed alongside some other bits & pieces fitted too!


This is our first entry into Saab ownership and so far, so good, it is everything we expected it to be and more and we can finally relax in knowing it’s not going to break the bank any time soon, after a good two years of having Subaru’s, we are finally back in a Swedish beauty and for that reason alone I’m over the moon.



Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson

4 thoughts on “Say Hello To Our New Car!!!!

  1. Congrats.
    I owned 3 9-5s of various vintage and the last one i drove until its past 350k on the clock and it still goes like a tonado. (sold it now and its still on the road)
    Just remember regular maintenance with good parts and apart from a few items (Crank position sensor and DI cassette). This car is unlikely to strand you.
    Happy Saabing

  2. My 9-5 diesel estate was feeling a bit tired in the suspension department, so I fitted new bliestien shocks, abbot lowered springs, and stainless steel braided brake hoses have given the Saab a much sharper dynamic feel! (probably like it was meant to be) also worn drop links were replaced and some new bushes here and there might also improve things. Also worn tyres on back gave worrying handling characteristics in the wet so some nice new continentals rain tyres solved that problem. It feels a much better car, much underated.

  3. My beloved 95 Waggon recently died of a cam belt break at 190k miles 110,000 under my ownership with virtually no garage bills… Went like a rocket till the minute she died… Replaced by another this time 95 saloon… “The Black Pearl” ( our 14th SAAB) welcome to the family…!

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