Koenigsegg Have Just Done The Unthinkable!!!

Now in the world of hyper cars, Performance is key! Manufacturers from all over the world try to take the crown for the 0 – 400kmh – 0 time. Bugatti have only held that title recently with their Chiron – well now, the ever so slightly deranged Swedish Engineers at Koenigsegg have stolen Bugatti’s crown in spectacular fashion!

The Swedish Car Manufacturers used a customers Agera RS which had 1,360bhp & 1,011 Ib – ft Torque from it’s 5.0 Twin Turbo V8, to make sure it was safe in case of an accident, the engineers fitted a removable roll cage just in case things went turtle.

The Track itself was in Vandel in Scandinavia and while it wasn’t the best track to run on (full of uneven ruts & potholes & only 2.8 km long), the almighty Swede seemed to just take it into it’s stride, both the car and the driver were prepped, To make sure everything was done properly, the RS used was brand new and only been driven at 186 mph prior to the run, after a few practise attempts, the test driver Niklas Lilja lined the RS for it’s record run.


It hit 249mph (400kmh) in 26.88 seconds covering a distance of 1.9km which is mind blowing, braking from 400 kmh to 0 was done in an astonishing 9.56 seconds covering a measly 483m in the process – to add insult to injury, the Chiron done the 0 – 400kmh run in 32.6 seconds and it covered a larger distance of 2.6km, braking for the Chiron was done in an equally impressive 9.3 seconds over a 491m distance – close but no cigar!


Now for those who can’t work out the maths, the Mighty Swede beat the Bugatti by over 5 seconds, in terms of Hyper Car talk, that’s one whole week! The Koenigsegg was able to do all that while struggling for grip in the first 3 gears, thankfully the Traction Control was able to sort it out and alongside the driver, they were able to propel it into the history books.

Another Thing to remember is that Koenigsegg is a relatively small company compared to Bugatti, so for them to be able to beat them is a huge feat – its the vehicle equivalent to David Vs Goliath!

So how is this going to go forward?, well it’d have to take some top class engineers to beat Koenigseggs time and if I’m honest, I don’t think we’ll see one for quite a while but to whoever decides to take them on, they would have to have guts of steel and quite a car on their hands to beat their time!


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson



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