Why I Love Swedish Cars!!!

So for those who may have noticed, it has become quite apparent that I have a love affair for Swedish Cars, Now, Before we start, I do love every single car from all different manufacturers & I don’t intentionally hate on cars unless I have experienced them in the past. Now as of late I have been showing quite a bit of love for Sweden and their cars, Here below is why I prefer Swedish cars over anything else.

Now as you may know, with the recent purchase of our wonderful little Saab 9-5 Wagon, along with the C70, we are now a two Swedish car family again. Even though they are two completely different manufacturers who both have had different ways of building their cars, they have both made some absolutely brilliant models in the past.

For a start, Swedish cars in general offer a brilliant package for the price, For instance, a 2007 Subaru Legacy 3.0 H6 Wagon with similar performance & options to Wasaabi are nearly double the price and for what you get as a package in the Subaru, it just isn’t worth spending the extra money. The Volvo is also the same, for a low mileage, well specced, well looked after C70 T5 Coupe with every option ticked similar to mine, you’d be paying significantly more for a similar BMW 3 Series Coupe or Mercedes CLK of the same age with the same equipment.

Next on the list is overall cost of parts, Now don’t get me wrong, Both Volvo’s & Saab’s can be fairly expensive to fix up and look after but in comparison to their rivals they actually make a lot of sense, for every part you buy for a Saab or Volvo, their rivals are charging over double for something similar, this makes both manufacturers easy to get into without breaking the bank.

Also they’re very well built, you get the feeling that both cars are gonna last the length of time with nothing more than simple servicing, add in the price of the parts and as long as you’ve got a well looked after example, you’ll rarely be going to the garage to get them sorted out – Sweden really do know how to build a car properly!

Safety is also very high on both their lists, both manufacturers have always made 5 star cars throughout the years while also creating some breakthrough safety kit too!, Volvo for instance bought us the 3 point seatbelt while Saab bought us multiple airbags in all of their cars.

Tuning is also very much possible on both Volvo’s & Saabs with many seeing well over 300bhp without doing too much to them, It may seem strange to modify either a Saab or Volvo but it is possible. A simple look online will surprise you in how well they can be modified, on top of that, not many people have modified Volvo’s or Saabs so seeing one out in the wild is rather rare.

This brings me onto my next point, If you ever find a Modified Volvo or Saab at a car show, go and talk to the owner about it and you’ll find out that they are so down to earth it’s unreal, you can tell straight away that they love their cars and love talking to people about them, they never turn up their noses to anybody and are generally great people to talk to, The Swedish Car Culture is a brilliant camp to be in. I’ve been able to meet some members of Volvo Groups I’m involved in and straight away I’ve been accepted into the group with my C70 without any of them turning their noses up because it’s not to their taste.

Now If you aren’t really into Volvo’s or Saabs that much, Remember, Koenigsegg have your back, with their engineering going above anything any other manufacturer can come up with, they are serious contenders in the Hypercar Segment – Not bad for a company which is relatively small and has been around for about 20 years or so!

So just remember, If you ever see either a Volvo or Saab on the road, Don’t turn away because it’s not what your into, You might own one one day and fall head over heels like many people have done before – Don’t mock before you try one, it might surprise you!


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson











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