My Return to Tartan Tarmac!!!

As some people may know, I haven’t been to a Tartan Tarmac meet in absolutely ages, that was unfortunately due to the C70 being off the road due to the engine clean & also the alternator failing on me, thankfully the C70 is now working rather well so I decided to return to Tartan Tarmac with the C70 after a 3 month break to see what I’d missed – I was definitely in for a surprise!


Now I’ve been to a Tartan Tarmac breakfast meet before, on average there is normally about 400 cars there and about 500+ people there with all different cars & bikes, this time however, I’d never seen it so busy before, there must’ve been about 600+ cars and over a 1000 people there, it was so packed that all three car parks in Motherwell College were packed to the brim – something I’d never seen at a Tartan Tarmac meet or even while I was at the college studying.

The cars which were on show were as always out of this world, anything from the latest Supercars & Exotics to an 80’s Mercedes 190E Evo II – That’s right, a DTM legend was in a College Car Park as part of TT, there was so many cool cars there that all the photographers (including myself) didn’t know where to start, it had to of been the craziest TT meet to date!

I decided to take the C70 as it hadn’t been to a meet since May and it had had some work done to it since back then, It was so good to be back with the C70 after both being absent for a good amount of months away – I was finally able to show off the engine bay properly since ownership thanks to the clean it’d had a few months back, also with the new alternator fitted, she was running perfectly too!


For next months meet, I’d like to see if we can bring up the Saab so we can show that off a lil bit as it’s not been to a car meet of yet, also it makes a change from bringing the Volvo every time too, also with most of the Saab’s little niggles fixed up, it’s definitely show ready – all we have to do is prize the keys out of my parents hands!

Overall, this had to be the craziest TT meet to date, the cars were as brilliant as ever, the weather stayed put, there was tons of variety, there was tons of like minded enthusiasts to talk to & meet plus as per usual, a great hosting place too!, this had to be the best TT meet I’ve been to as of yet.


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson

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