The NEC’s Classic Car Motor Shows Crazy Auction Prices

So for those of you who like me live in the UK, you may of heard of the Classic Car Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham, for those who don’t know, it is a huge annual motor show in the UK which hosts a lot of classic cars and classic car memorabilia amongst other things.

Now every year Silverstone Auctions auction off cars at the show, for the last few years they have became synonymous with having bids well into the hundreds of thousands on cars which have never really hit those targets before, this year is no different.

I’ll  start off with this rather lovely fully restored 1968 Jensen Interceptor MKI which was owned by none other than the late great Eric Morecambe from Morecambe & Wise

It went under the hammer for a staggering £95,625 earlier on today (11/11/17), for the money, the new owner has got themselves into a beautifully kept Interceptor, it is absolutely immaculate and a great addition to any collection!


Next up on the list is a Restored 1982 Land Rover Sandringham 6×6 Defender, it is one of 12 in the world and it sold for a pretty reasonable £14,625 which isn’t actually too bad for a Defender these days, especially considering the rarity of this one!

Next up is where things go a little bit crazy and why Silverstone Auctions have got a name for themselves regarding crazy prices – yes that’s right, it’s time for some Fast Fords to go under the hammer.


I’ll start off with this 1983 Fiesta MK1 XR2, it’s possibly one of the cleanest XR2’s on the market both inside & out with not a single blemish in the paintwork or anything


It eventually went under the hammer for £22,500 – that’s nearly the same price as a modern day Fiesta ST200!


Up next is this immaculte 1980 MK2 Escort RS2000 which was reading a measly 900 miles from new, this is where the Fast Ford Prices go crazy!

It went for an eye watering £97,875 which was £17K over lower estimate, an absolutely crazy price for a MK2 Escort.


The madness doesn’t stop there however as a 1996 ‘P’ Escort RS Cosworth takes centre stage, just like the Escort above, this is also reading a measly 837 miles on the clock – and just like the Escort above, this one goes for a gobsmacking £91,125 proving that Fast Fords are still the kings of the Classic Car Scene!

When you think it’s about to settle down and get reasonable again, a white 1988 Sierra Cosworth RS500 comes up for auction, now in the past, these are the cars which have made Silverstone Auctions an absolute ton of publicity and this one doesn’t disappoint whatsoever as it sells for a truly unbelievable £112,500 – That’s Audi R8 V10 Plus money right there!

Now here is where things get a little awkward and weird, alongside the Escorts and the Sierra was a 2011 MK2 Focus RS which read just 18 miles on the clock, now this is still a relatively newish car with hardly no racing history whatsoever and with no Historical presence neither it looked bleak for the little RS, however it somehow sold for a biblical £43,875 which is not just double of what you’d normally pay for a MK2 RS but is on par with the brand new Focus RS, a car which will run rings around it’s predecessor.

Also you could easily go out and buy a Volvo C30 T5 (which is essentially the same chassis as the RS), spend some money on modifying it and you could be able to get a car which is just as capable for a 4th of the price of the RS.


Personally, I don’t think the prices are gonna die down any time soon due to the Fast Ford Movement which in the UK is absolutely huge!. If the prices are like this now, what will the prices be like in the near future?


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson