Say Hello To The New Ferrari 488 Pista!!!

In the World of Supercars, for many years the Ferrari 458 Speciale has dominated all, it has been raved about for having the most pure driving experience of any car,  on top of that, with a brilliant chassis, handling was absolutely sublime, the only issue with the 458 these days however is it’s age, it’s nearly 5 years old and with the new age of Supercars coming out, it is slowly but surely losing the crown of the best driving supercar so Ferrari have decided to up the anté by releasing the 488 Pista.


The 488 Pista is the latest lightweight track focused Ferrari carrying on from the 458 Speciale, the F430 Scuderia & the 360 Challenge Stradale.

Ferrari states that the Pista takes a significant step forward over it’s predecessors & just like the car it replaces, there is tons of motorsport derived technology which is implemented into it, even it’s name is Italian for Track – in case you never knew!

It’s the first Lightweight Ferrari to be Turbocharged instead of naturally aspirated with the Engine straight from the normal 488 of course, that means it’s a 3,9 TT V8 which powers it, on top of the engine being re-done with brand new performance parts, the Pista is 90kg lighter than the normal 488 which means it has a kerb weight of 1,280kg before fluids which should make it an absolute hoot around the twists or a racetrack.


As mentioned above, it shares the same 3.9 TT V8 engine as the normal 488 but instead of 661 bhp, power has been increased to a whopping 711bhp which is a power hike of nearly 50bhp, may not sound like much but if you compare it to the old 458 Speciale, it has a power hike of 114bhp, to get the power increase, many new improvements have been made which includes a new Inconel exhaust system which is the same material Jag use in the F-Type SVR which means it should sound as good as it looks as well as making the car lighter, on top of that, many handling upgrades have been made too.

Many of the Aerodynamics have also been tweaked too to make it more slippery in the air – many of which have been incorporated from the 488 GTE race car, these include similarly borrowed designed front & rear diffusers which gives a 20% hike in downforce which means it can do without a huge rear wing like the 911 GT3 RS which makes it easier on the eye as well as being just as capable on track

Ferrari’s Side-Slip Angle Control system also is incorporated into the new Pista with it being in it’s sixth generation – what is that you may ask? well in it’s simplest form, it allows you to manage and maintain perfect oversteer, essentially turning you into a perfect drifter, it is already in the 488 GTB so should be even better in the Pista.

0-60 comes up in 2.85 seconds while 0-124mph comes up in 7.6 seconds and with a top speed of more than 211 mph it’s certainly not hanging around at all.


Now of course, being the lightweight track version of the already existing 488 GTB, the styling has been changed drastically, just like the transformation from the normal 458 to the Speciale, the Pista has squared off angles, subtle but noticeable aggression and of course optional racing stripes, the Pista is finished off with a beautiful set of 20in Carbon wheels which is a first for Ferrari, all these lovely little extras make it a lovely car on the eye, unlike the 458 Speciale which personally looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp from the front, the new car is a whole lot sleeker but still as aggressive, personally, I prefer it over the Speciale but that’s my opinion.

Inside you’ll find an interior just like the old Speciale, it has 4 point racing harness set onto a beautiful set of Alcantara bucket seats with a red stripe running through the middle & red stitching, exposed Carbon Fibre, Yellow Dials with a TFT Display, an alcantara & Carbon Fibre dashboard with a red stripe running along the whole length of it and a 488 Pista badge imbedded just above the glovebox, in the centre console you have the buttons for the chassis settings & active exhaust and last but not least a rather lovely flat bottomed steering wheel with matching red stitching, however to keep weight down there is no Mats to speak of, now of course you can make it a little bit more luxurious but that’s kinda missing the point of a lightweight track focused Ferrari

Expect Prices and full specs to be revealed later this year at the Geneva Motor Show where both this and the new 911 GT3 RS 991.2 will be released, Ferrari are unfortunately keeping Prices & specs quiet for the time being but I expect it to be near £300k at best. It’s either a Pista or a 911 GT3 RS, Saying that both are released at the same show, it’d be good to see which one is better.


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson








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