The Volvo V60 Wagon Finally Hits UK Shores!!!

Ever since I saw the release of the new Volvo V60 Wagon way back in February of this year, I’ve been pining to see one ever since and with thanks to Volvo UK’s VIP Launch Event last night, I finally got to see one up close!

The V60 is Volvo’s medium size estate to rival the likes of Audi’s A4 Avant, BMW’s 3 Series Estate & Mercedes Benz’ C Class Estate for those who don’t know. The previous generation of V60 (2010-2018) was a rather good looking car but lacked in drivability, bad resale values & was rather poor on interior space which is not very Volvo like at all, that was until the new V60 came onto the scene, in terms of size, think of this as a shrunken V90 and you get an idea of it’s proportions, it shares it’s platform with the new S/V90 as well as the new XC60 and will probably have the same chassis as the newly released S60 saloon which means drivability should be improved significantly over the previous generation model, interior space is also improved throughout with excellent rear legroom, decent shoulder room & plenty of headroom throughout – This is now a Swede which can take on the Germans!


Lets talk engines shall we?!, now for the last few years, Volvo have chose to stick with 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engines with different BHP & Torque ratings to differentiate between engine levels (D4 being diesel, T6 being a Petrol etc.) and the same is here in the new V60, from Launch there is three engines you can pick from, a low power D3 Diesel, a higher powered 190 bhp D4 Diesel and a petrol 250bhp T5 model, as of yet there is no T8 or T6 models being launched in the UK as I can see which is unfortunate as they deliver stonking performance while also delivering decent fuel economy as well, also unfortunately while there is Polestar add ons available for it as well as other Volvo models, there is no V60 Polestar available as of yet which is a crying shame as it was very reminiscent of the old fast Volvo wagons like the 850 T5-R, 850R & V70R’s, hopefully they do something to bring some petrolheads into Volvo ownership but time will tell.


Next up is Trim Levels, in the new V60 there is 6 trim levels and they go thusly; Momentum which is base trim, Momentum Pro which adds a few options, Inscription which is the Luxury trim, a Pro variant of that too and also finally last but not least, the R-Design which is the sporty trim, if that’s not sporty enough however, there is as guessed a Pro variant of that too! really easy to get to know once you figure it all out, Pro variants also get certain goodies that the normal variants don’t get like Pilot Assist, upgraded 19″ alloy wheels, electric tailgate and much much more. on display at the Launch event I went to was a D4 190bhp V60 Momentum finished in Fusion Red with the optional 19″ Alloy wheels, rear tints, Electric tailgate and much much more, in fact on first glance it looked like an Inscription, it was only until I asked what trim it was that I then actually found out, inside it had black leather all over it and really went well with the red exterior, it truly was gorgeous!


Prices for it start from £31K to just under £53K for a top spec model, now £53k does sound quite a tad expensive for a Volvo, especially considering there is optional extra’s to add into the mix as well but as far as mid size estates go, it is far better built than any new BMW, Mercedes or Audi and is far better equipped straight out the box compared to the 3 Germans, also, while the Germans look similar to one another in their designs, the Volvo truly a breath of fresh air, the exterior is just stunning and the interior is a wonderful place to be and is just so comfortable to sit in and get the perfect driving position.


Inside the new V60 is a rather plush place to be, even in Momentum trim, with Inscription models coming in as well, they’ll raise the bar in terms of luxury & equipment compared to it’s rivals, in the centre of the dash is a centre touch screen which is also shared with many other Volvo’s and it is really easy to use and very smooth to use as well, it’s not too fast but yet not too slow, it’s also not too difficult to reach neither, it is rather spot on for a centre screen and with the Bowers & Wilkins stereo upgrade which is a £2000 optional extra you can also mimic the speakers to make it sound as if you’re in a Gothenburg Orchestral theatre which is a very cool touch, if you don’t want to use the screen, you also have controls on the steering wheel to go through the different options too, while on the subjects of different options, there is also a a drive mode selector as well just below the gear knob near the handbrake which changes the suspension settings & gearbox changes to make it either more sportier or more relaxed depending on mood, moving into the back seats there is plenty of room as mentioned earlier and with the leather seats it’s really comfortable too, in the centre seat is a fold down armrest and also a 12v socket at the back of the centre console, one thing i’d consider however is a light coloured interior as it can become quite dark in the back, especially if the boot is full of stuff like the Launch car was. Boot space is remarkable with it easily being allowed to fit 4 large suitcases in with ease, with the seats folded flat, you could possibly fit an Ikea store in the boot which makes it perfect for families and the likes – Finally a Volvo Wagon which lives up to it’s reputation as a load lugger!


Lastly, We’ll talk about Options, for the new V60, options are plentiful, you get items like the brilliant Bowers & Wilkins Stereo System, rear tints, Upgraded 19″ Wheels wrapped in Continental Premium Contact 6 Tyres, electric boot release, air suspension is also an option on higher trim levels like Inscription models, Pilot Assist, Electric Memory seats, xenon lights, parking sensors etc. etc., the list goes on & on, you can easily make the new V60 personal to you and like none on the road with the options on offer, also, you can either have the new V60 with FWD or AWD too which also makes it a good buy, especially if like me, you live in the countryside and need a safe comfortable AWD vehicle to go through years of wintery abuse.


In Summary, the new V60 has plentiful of options, a decent amount of Engine choices, a wonderful interior full of equipment, plentiful of interior space as well as a massive boot, add in the gorgeous exterior and this is a Swede which won’t just be able to take on the Germans but also possibly steal some German Rivals Customers from right under their noses, now of course there are some issues & niggles like the lack of T6, T8 or Polestar engine options available, the high buying prices with higher trimmed models like Inscription & R-Design & Pro Models & Availability issues starting to already come into question, regardless of all those though, it’s a brilliant car and when they are finally available I can see them selling really well and being a very good alternative to the German Rivals.


A special thanks goes out to Volvo Parks Ayr, Parks Motor Group, all the staff their & of course Volvo Cars UK for launching yet another fantastic event! Every time I go to one the atmosphere is brilliant and i’m always made felt welcome even though I’m not there to buy a car.


Hope You Enjoy!

Alex Jebson