I’m Running a Scottish & Borders Division Classic, Retro & Modern Classic Car Group!!!!

Yes, as the title of this article reads, I am in fact running a car group for Scotland & the Borders, now unfortunately this isn’t a whole new group but in essence a division group of an already existing car group called Retro + Post Millennia Motor Club 365 (RPM 365 for short), originally based in Stoke, it wasn’t easy for northern members like myself to get to one f their weekly meets, that was until now.


First of all, a little introduction to RPM 365:

The group got started by a couple of guys, one of which goes by the name of Daily Driver (No Joke) and is as mentioned above largely based in Stoke On Trent, England, the group has been going for around about 2 years now at a push and is absolutely wonderful to be a part of, all the members are really helpful, there is little to no bullying and regardless of what you’re into, you are always welcomed regardless of anything really. Plus with quizzes, challenges and all other fun things being brought in, it makes for a brilliant group to be a part of and unlike any other Classic Car group out there, what makes the group ever so slightly different to other Classic Car groups is vehicle age range, now a majority of classic car groups only let a car in from say pre ’95 etc. however with RPM365, they allow anything 15+ years old which means people like myself who either can’t afford a classic, can’t find a decent classic or even can’t have a Classic due to living situations can now finally have their cars allowed in.


So where do I come into this exactly?:

Well I joined last year and have been an active member ever since posting about the C70’s progress, finding car videos, pictures, sharing events amongst many other things and it’s been the only classic car group I’ve been in which has welcomed both myself and the C70 in without an issue (most of the others i’m in don’t allow the C70 due to it’s age). The only issue however was that because the main group was based in S-O-T & I stay in Scotland, I was never able to make it to a meet or a get together to show the fellow members the progress on the Volvo which was a shame as pictures only tell/show half the story, However I persevered and bided my time until where I am now and this is how it all happened.


How Did The New Group Start?

Well, I got wind that there wasn’t any Scottish divisions for RPM365 going so I decided to get in contact with Daily to see if it was possible to run a division group to run alongside and he agreed nigh on straight away and is even helping me run the group and get it started and up and running so it becomes a group to hopefully run alongside RPM365, I was happy to help as there is quite a large Classic car Community in Scotland which needs showing off to the rest of the world and as I’m talking to you now, not even 24hrs into the group being set up and ran, it already has a steady flow of members joining & posting, ranging from Subaru owners to Ford people & even BMW owners, regardless of cars or favourite manufacture, they are slowly but surely joining and getting involved which is always good!


What’s the name of the new group & where can it be found?

The new group is called Retro, Pre + Post Millennia 365 Motor Club “AKA” RPPM 365 Scotland/Borders and it can be found by either clicking the link above or by searching the name into Facebook’s Search bar, it’s only a small group at the moment with just over 22 members already joined but that number is going up bit by bit as mentioned above, Also, due to being one of the Admin/founding Member of the new group, I’ll involve the group into some of my already existing content on here and will hopefully try and set up some meets when I get the chance to, any events that I go to outside of meets I’ll be posting onto the group as long as it’s relevant etc. I seriously Can’t wait to get this off the ground and to be able to meet new people along the way who share the same passion will just be brilliant.


What’s the rules for the new Group?

Well the rules are pretty simple, behave yourself like you would in real life, don’t put anyone down for their choice of car or choice of modifications and don’t be spamming the page with modern cars out of the age restrictions, as long as the vehicles in question are 15+ years old they’re allowed, so regardless of what you own whether it be a motorcycle, a car, a Bus or even Heavy Machinery like a Tractor or HGV they are all allowed in, this makes the group more involving as different people like different things so it attracts more of a welcome audience which is what both RPM365 & RPPM365 are all about.


In Conclusion:

If you are interested in joining the group and you live in Scotland or Northern England (or even Outside those areas) and you have a car over 15+ years old, come check out both RPPM 365 & RPM 365 as you’ll be welcomed with open arms, as mentioned above, I can’t wait to get it up and running properly as a group to the point where meets can be setup & People can be met and cars can be shown off as intended. I would like to especially thank Daily Driver for letting me set it up and for letting me branch out his truly wonderful group into Scotland & North England and to the people who are already joining and spreading the word! without them, the group would be down before it even got started. As mentioned, if you wanna join, either click the link above or search for the name in the FB Search Bar and you’ll find it.


Hope You Enjoy!

Alex Jebson