Is it actually possible to have an emotional attachment to a car and when exactly does it go too far?

Now, if you are like me, you’ll more than likely spend a lot of time on the internet watching car related videos on Youtube, you’ll more than likely search the classifieds nigh on every night and if you are into modifying like a lot of petrol heads are then you’ll definitely be looking up for the next part to get for your specific vehicle.

Now apart from the modifying scene which i’m not really involved with due to restoring my car, I spend a lot of time watching car related videos & I, like everyone else spend tons of time looking on the classifieds looking up certain cars I’d love to own but could never afford and after watching a ThatDudeInBlue video last night, this had me thinking, is it truly possible to have an emotional attachment to a car and when is it time to say enough is enough?

I bring this up solely because after watching that video late last night, it tapped right into myself and my C70 Coupé restoration project, I’ve had my C70 for 3.5 years now and while I love it to bits and progress is being made, there has been times when I’ve felt like packing it in and getting a new car, however due to the certain circumstances I went through while buying it, the memories I’ve had with that car and the people I’ve met along the way its honestly the only reason why it is still with me.

For those who don’t know, I bought my C70 a few years ago as my first car, it was never intended as my first car but after finding a few for sale and realising I could eventually afford to buy one, insure it and run it I was instantly hooked, so hooked in fact I spent about 6-7 months spending the bare minimum that I could honestly spend to actually buy my car, it wasn’t plain sailing as I was getting hassled by the college I was in at the time as well as other things like trying to stay healthy so I could get my license and trying to balance both saving for a car and paying general bills it wasn’t easy.

However after persevering for about half an academic year my patience paid off as I was finally able to get my C70 as I’d always planned and even to this day I still remember it driving into the cul-de-sac of the previous owners address and seeing it for the first time and instantly falling head over heels for it.

Even over the years it’s generally been a great ownership experience, however, there have been times with it where I’ve just fallen out of love with it, add this into the money I’ve put out on it over these years and it’d be no surprise that I have on many occasions looked at cars for sale within a certain obtainable budget and wondered “what if?” or “that’d be nice” but it’s never went past that stage due to my sentimental connection to the C70.

Now don’t get me wrong, the C70 is a wonderful car and at the moment, I couldn’t ever see myself getting rid of it – in fact I point blank refuse to part ways with it as I’m not one to give up on a project car whatsoever and while I still have money in my bank and tools in my shed, it’ll all be getting spent & worked on with the C70 as well as other cars in the mini fleet we have now stumbled upon owning.

Thing is though, while having the C70 all these years and fixing it and mostly enjoying myself with it, there has been many cars which have came & gone in that 3.5 years while I’ve had my own car and all of which I’ve taken a shining to in one way or another.

Take my stepdads Seat Leon for instance, now on paper it isn’t anything exciting, it isn’t a Cupra or a Cupra R, hell, it doesn’t even have the well loved 1.8 20V Turbo unit under it’s bonnet but it has a certain charm to it, now for me, I’ve never really got the whole VAG movement and that was because I’d never really experienced one before, but after getting the Leon for £300 a few months back and getting it roadworthy it has just completely stunned me.
It’s reliable, easy to fix, really easy to drive & overall a brilliant little car to own, now like some people, I’ve never been one to spend so little on a car as they have always tended to be complete wrecks but this Seat is a little diamond in the rough and whenever my stepdad has bought up another car to replace it, I’ve always been one of the first to talk him out it and that is purely because it’s so good, I couldn’t see us without it and the fleet will personally always have that missing piece regardless of whatever car he replaced it with.

It’s been so trustworthy over these last few months and has truly blown me away with how good it is that I’ve kinda got an attachment to it, this is also the same for the old Saab 9-5 Aero and now to a certain extent the Lexus.

I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of Japanese cars and that’s only due to previous ownership experiences with them, the Lexus is the 4th Japanese car we’ve owned and by far the best but the previous 3 just never hit the mark for me personally, they’ve all been good cars and ones that either sell well or ones which have a cult following amongst other fellow petrol heads but to me they just didn’t have a soul about them.

However for my family over the years, whenever they’ve got a car, like me, they’ve persevered when it’s came to ownership and just fixed the cars issues regardless of how bad the car is, now like myself with the C70, they have been the same with some of their previous cars and have fell for it regardless of it’s never ending problems which brings me onto my final point – when is enough finally enough?.

For me personally, there is a good few reasons why my C70 has stayed, those mentioned above of course and others too, if you take away it’s issues, it’s an amazing car to own, drive and to be around, it has a feeling that no other car has currently gave off and I know that once it is eventually at a point where it can be used without going wrong it’ll be a lovely car to own, also with sentimental attachment added into the mix, it’d be really difficult to just let go and I honestly couldn’t find another car to properly replace it with.

Also, it’s a great feeling driving around knowing that your own blood, sweat & tears have gone into it to make it the car it currently is, add that in with the mechanical knowledge you get from fixing your own car and you feel a connection that you normally wouldn’t if you were to leave it alone or to get someone else to fix it.

The only way I could find an instance where you don’t feel emotionally attached to a car is if it truly terrible to the point you don’t want to be seen in it, if it’s too common and it blends in way too much with the rest of the traffic or if it cost’s way too much to keep fixing and you just lose love for it which is possible with project cars and cars in general in fact.

Anyways, that’s enough from me, but here is a question from me to all you, is it truly possibly to become emotionally attached to what is essentially a mechanical object and when is enough actually enough?, I’ll leave that for you guys to answer.


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson

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