10 Reasons why Petrol Heads hate Winter!


Now with winter starting to come in at quite a rapid rate, it’s at this time of year that it starts to take it’s toll on us petrol heads, whether it’s the cold weather, the dark nights or even salt & grit on the roads, unless you have a garage or unit of some kind where it’s somewhat easier to work with, for the rest of us who aren’t so lucky have to sit and suffer, so here is my 10 reason’s why us petrol heads hate winter.


1. Cold Weather.

Now this may sound typical but bear with me on this one, depending on where you live, it can get so cold, wet, windy & miserable that there is just no chance in hell of working on your car, add in potential storms & other weather related issues and it really does hinder progress on fixing cars, also, if like me and the car has been sitting for a few months, rust starts to build up which means that when it’s finally time to go fix the car, all the bolts & components have more than likely rusted making it more difficult to remove & fix.



2. Dark Nights.

Another issue which we have to put up with at winter time is the dark nights, now obviously this affects everyone in different ways, whether that’s work related, travel related or just general living, in one way or another it affects us, however, I’d say that us petrol heads without a garage or unit have it the toughest, normally prior to the clocks changing, it’d be possible to work on your car until way into the evening and it’d still be light, however, now the clocks have changed you’re lucky to have light late afternoon meaning you’re missing out on a vital few hours of repair time.



3. Salt & Grit.

Ah, Salt & Grit – a petrol heads worst nightmare, now, I like many others understand why the salt & grit is needed, it obviously works it’s way into the ice and breaks it up to give us car drivers more grip, however, in the process of doing all that, it winds up pinging up off of other road users tyres and causing stone chips and small dings as well as eating into the bodywork if not washed off properly which brings me onto my next point.



4. Dirt & Road Grime.

Now, if like me, you’ll love keeping your pride & joy clean and you’ll also love putting in the hours to make it shimmering and will do anything to keep it clean, this may include a machine polish, a full professional detail or even a ceramic coat of some kind, however in the winter months, these options are very much limited due to all the dirt & road grime on the roads, as soon as the car is cleaned it get’s filthy within a few miles of driving making it a forever cycle of trying to keep the car cleaned, add this in with the salt & grit which also graces our roads at this time of year and it becomes a right pain to keep a car cleaned for a long period of time.



5. Other Drivers on the Roads. 

Halfway through now & onto possibly the most annoying one on this list – and that is other road users, now us petrol heads have to obviously share the roads with every other car owner, now on the most part, we don’t have issues with that, however, it seems to me that whenever winter comes, those who don’t really care or those who don’t really notice just blast they’re full beams on, if not that, it’s either their fog lights blinding you or DRL’s, now with lightbulbs getting brighter & brighter it really annoys petrol heads, especially those in lowered cars, sports cars or even small hatchbacks, Unless the visibility is absolutely terrible, which on most occasion it really isn’t, there is no need whatsoever to actually have these bright lights blaring, especially Fog lamps, now if it’s not the lights which are the issue, it’s also the road users who decide to speed knowing the conditions on the road nearly causing a crash, when you put them two things together and a petrolhead who really loves their car into the mix, it doesn’t end well whatsoever.



6. Gritting Lorries.

This kinda goes along with step 4 but again, bear with me on this, as a petrol head, the first thing we fear while driving in the winter is the gritting lorries, every time one passes, us car people wince in fear in case they are spreading the grit or salt, we fear for our paint work & our bodywork too, especially those with pristine cars and recently resprayed cars, it doesn’t help when the trucks grit slinger is above most cars body panels, as many of us know when they hit, you definitely know about it.



7. Black Ice.

Black Ice to anybody is even a fear into itself but it’s even worse for a petrolhead, it’s a lot of people’s worst nightmare to hit black ice but for a car person, we feel it more, one thing we can’t stand is to spend most of our blood, sweat & tears into our cars just to hit a bit of black ice for us to then spin or even career off the road and crash them potentially writing them off to the scrapyard in the sky.



8. Car Meets aren’t the same.

With autumn going away and winter coming in, it’s just too cold or too treacherous to even consider going to a car meet, this means that on most occasions, hardly anyone turns up which then means a very minute meat with hardly any cars on show, tie this in with the bad weather, salt & grit & even other dodgy drivers and you wind up with hardly showing up at all.



9. Potholes become more apparent.

Now this list wouldn’t be complete with massive sinkhole like potholes littering our already bad roads, now the main issues which obviously cause these potholes to be so apparent is for one the terrible weather, the wet & windy weather certainly doesn’t help situations but unfortunately can’t be helped, neither can the mass amount of vehicles driving around help neither, all of these cause damage to our roads but with more and more deliveries and more & more family gatherings happening over these winter months it just can’t be avoided, however, the councils should in my honest opinion fix these roads, not just do potholes damage our pride & joys but they also damage us humans whenever we inadvertently drive into one, at this kinda time, you really feel for the car people with lowering springs or with massive alloy wheels.



10. Cold Winter Mornings.

Last but not least, this is possibly the most time consuming thing any petrol head should have to deal with, especially if like me and you have an older car which takes a bit of time to warm up and get ready, these days manufacturers are able to create an app which can turn your car on, set the heating and even power up the heated seats & heated steering wheel for those cold frosty, possibly icy, cold mornings however us people who have a substantially older car or even a classic will feel the pain in what I’m writing, now depending on the car in question this simple task could take up to anywhere from 10 minutes up to possibly 30 minutes depending on the age of the car amongst other things, however for us, it feels a whole lot longer than any of that and while we wait, it is absolutely freezing to the point you can’t feel any of your fingers or anything let alone controls on the car like heater controls or anything like that.

Photo of a car stuck in snow


Can any of you wonderful people think of anything else which you think should come under this list?, if so, comment below what else should be in this list and I’ll get back to you and if it’s a substantial reason, I’ll consider either another top 10 or even top 20 reasons by you guys the reasons why as a car person you hate winter, I’ll also possibly do a shortlist of the reasons why a petrol head loves winter so it’s not just one sided.


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson