Here’s Why The New ‘A90’ Supra Could Potentially Bring Back the BMW Z4M Coupe!

With the release of the new MK5 Toyota Supra back in January, it caused a storm in the motoring world for being if anything a flop to the Supra name badge which stopped production way back in 2002, for a start the new ‘A90’ as it’s codenamed isn’t exactly a Toyota as it’s built within conjunction with BMW and shares a majority of parts & even the chassis with the new upcoming BMW Z4 MK3, on top of that, for the performance available it’s just way too expensive with a price tag of over £50,000 making it a direct rival to a Porsche Cayman which is really the bench mark for 2 seat sports cars these days which makes the new Supra really a bad deal when you think of it, however, before you get out the pitchforks, I have a hunch that Toyota & BMW are up to more than they are currently letting on and this works in favour of BMW and this comes in the shape of a potential new ‘M’ car.


Confused? Let me explain, with the new Supra being directly based on the new Z4 and also sharing parts with each other, it only makes sense for BMW to make a new 2 seater ‘M’ car out of the new Z4 thus making what I believe to be the new Z4M Coupé, now this may just be me speculating however, if you look up the stats of the original Z4M Coupé, they are very close to the new Supra’s stats which certainly can’t be coincidence, now of course, the old Z4M used the same 3.2 I6 from the truly wonderful E46 M3, unfortunately, the ‘S54’ is well & truly dead but with the new range of 6 pot engines used these days used in a plethora of fast BMW’s, it’ll only make sense to slot one of those wonderful engines into a competent chassis then hand it over to the geniuses at the ‘M’ division to make something truly special.


There is also method in my madness, due to the new Supra & Z4 having very similar running gear & same chassis, that means that it won’t be too difficult to make a coupé body shell for the upcoming Z4 and fit it over the already existing chassis which makes it very much possible to put into production.


Size wise, the new Supra & Z4 isn’t that much different than the original Z4M which makes me think that they’ll bring it back for us ‘M’ car fans who unfortunately don’t have the garage space for the likes of a M2 Competition or M3, when the original Z4M Coupé came out, it was the entry level so to speak of the ‘M’ car range in regards to both size & also price which brings me onto the next point.


With the already existing BMW M140i starting from £35,000 & the M2 Competition starting at £48,000, there is a very good chance that if they did bring the Z4M back, it’d possibly go for a starting price of £45,000 putting it slap bang between the two and making it £5000 cheaper than the current 718 Boxster S which of course puts it into close  rivalry with the Porsche which to be honest has always been the same with both cars since the very beginning.


So, what does this have to do with the new Supra then?, well, if BMW were to ever bring back the Z4M which as of yet hasn’t been confirmed, I could possibly see Toyota making a ‘GRMN’ Version of the upcoming Supra – GRMN of course being Toyota’s current sportier model lineup of their current cars, not just would this make Supra fans rejoice but also give BMW owners something else to salivate over which makes it a win win situation for both companies.

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With both the upcoming Z4 & A90 Supra both being a shared platform, even if the manufacturers don’t bring out more hardcore versions, it’s safe to say they’ll both go down well with owners & journalists alike regardless of brand legacy or history and they’ll drive very well indeed, BMW are known for making drivers cars and even a simple flick through Toyota’s history books shows phenomenal drivers cars being produced which makes these two a forced to be reckoned with within their class.


So what do you think?, is there a possible chance that Toyota & BMW are hiding a potential new Z4M Coupé/Supra GRMN or am I, like a few others getting way ahead of myself and hoping for something that will unfortunately never happen & getting myself way too excited at the prospect of a new Z4M?, Whatever the case may be, I hope it’s a good one!


Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson

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