Here’s Why You Should Join MotorHeads International!!!!

Are you the kind of person to be forever joining car groups but getting nowhere, do you want to join a car group with no hate, and do you want to make new friends in the process? Well, have I got the group for you! Let me introduce you to the wonderful place that is Motorheads International.


So what exactly is Motorheads International or MHI for short? Well MHI is a car page & group over on Facebook, with accounts both on Instagram & Twitter if that is your thing. It was created way back in 2011 and has been going ever since and has grown into a group of 18k members strong as of right now. As the name might suggest it’s an international group with members coming from everywhere around the world – whether you are from Sweden, Australia, America or even Italy everyone is welcome.


The best part about MHI is both the variety of cars as well as the owners who own the beauties. You’ll find people on there who are vintage race cars drivers, mechanics, tow truck drivers or even pilots who own anything from a Honda Beat to a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Everyone is really friendly and also helpful which is something you don’t hardly see in car groups these days – especially ones this large!!


If there is any hint of trouble, the admin team who run the group get onto the case straight away and get the group back to the way a group should be which is chilled, civil and above all hate free.


The group is now so large and so out there that if you search hard enough on YouTube you might even find an advert for it on some videos, the exact same can be said for Facebook as well. The group is not far from hitting 20K members so if you ever want to join then I’ll leave a link to the group so you can always get involved.


Josefin, who is a member of the admin team from Scandinavia is always out at different events both photographing & representing the group wherever she goes so that the group gets bigger and bigger and she is not the only one, a plethora of different members are doing the exact same. If you are one for going to events, you’ll find a good few getting set up by fellow members that you can always join and chill at.


On top of all that, the group has its own website which sells merchandise, whether it be clothing or even stickers for your car, you’ll find something for you. With good prices as well as a plethora of different good quality merchandise for sale, you won’t be breaking the bank neither.


I got involved in the group with thanks to an admin member called Colton who sent me an invite over on Messenger to join, now at first, I was apprehensive as it’s not the normal way I’d personally get invited or even join a group but there was no need to worry whatsoever. I was welcomed in with open arms and I’ve been in the group with ever since!


I’m in a lot of groups over on Facebook, but MHI alongside RPM365 are my two go-to groups to get involved with, in fact, I’d say that they both have very similar traits. They both have numerous active members with posts going up at any time of the day, hardly any hate and generally a brilliant group to be a part of.


As promised, I’ll post the links to the group page if anyone wants to join, lets help get this group to 20k members. If you like the sound of the group, I’d personally join it as you’ll probably not come across a group as chilled out as them.


While there, join the group chat for car-based conversations & a chilled out chat with fellow members and within no time you’ll end up making some new car friends in the process.


FB Group page link:



Merchandise Shop (EN):

Hope You Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson