What Are My Plans For ProjectC70 Now Its 19 Years Old?

For those who are new around here, I have owned a Volvo C70 Coupé MK1, lovingly known as ProjectC70 for well over 4 years now. Over those years it has been on quite a journey to bring it back up to a standard befitting of such a brilliant little car. Now when you are so busy fixing up cars you tend to sometimes forget certain elements of ownership issues like birthdays and anniversaries, I know I do. So when it came to my C70’s 19th birthday I just had to celebrate it the only way I could.


Recently I have hardly been posting or writing and that has been due to lack of actual work happening on the car to be quite honest. While not a lot has actually been happening regarding the car, I have still got plans in my head and I am still following them through slowly but surely. Now my C70 has officially hit its 19th birthday, the best way to celebrate it is to buy numerous amounts of car parts and get them ready for fitment. In the last few months, some of you may have noticed that I had removed the dashboard from the car to fit chrome rings around the dials, on top of that I also removed a majority of the interior to clean it all out and dry out after a spurt of water ingress started to show its leery head. Now they are done I am now going to move on to some far more exciting jobs and tasks. These include getting some money together to get the steering wheel refurbished, the seats refurbished and possibly retrimmed as well as the main CD player fixed as well as numerous other small fixes. At the moment I am going to be going out on a whim and buying parts for the car which will need to be custom-made to fit, I’m not going to say too much on what they are in case they don’t fit but expect it to be a first if they do.


On top of all the interior jobs I have done thus far and the ones I still need to do, I have also recently done a coolant change on the C70 so that it runs cooler now it’s getting into the colder months. While doing said coolant change I changed over a few rusty clips so there is no risk of any of them failing and causing the car to overheat or worse – blow up! My next mechanical job will be working out why the cruise control isn’t engaging, If I can’t work out how to fix it I’ll more than likely go on to replacing all the old suspension components with new stuff both front & rear.


Apart from the Suspension, the cruise control issues, and the bodywork/metalwork, ProjectC70 is in a very good state for its age, with a majority of small jobs needing doing I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel which is something I’d never even consider on saying a good few months back.


Even after 4 years of ownership, my love for ProjectC70 is still there and as long as it runs, drives and puts a smile on my face I’ll be having it for a long time. For now, I’m currently fixing up the parts I’ve ordered hence why the work on the car has stopped but that in itself hasn’t stopped me loving it any less.


I hope this explains why a lot of posts & articles about ProjectC70 have slowly come to a halt, as soon as the weather starts to clear up the best that it can I will start to get back to work on fixing it up and making it the best it can be. Considering that ProjectC70 has now officially hit 19 years old it is only right to get back to work on it again and making it the best it can be. For now, though, I’d like to raise a glass to the C70’s 19th birthday. It is not every day a modern car can reach even 10 years old without too many issues let alone nearly 20. Volvo really did create a well-built product with the C70 and it shows.


Hope you Enjoy!

By Alex Jebson