My Thank You To The Volvo Community!!

With all the downfalls you can have of owning a car you absolutely adore, it is safe to accept that in this screwed up world and society we all live in, if you are into cars like myself and others the car community will always be there if needed. Whether that be owners clubs or even a general car club you are involved in, if you run into issues they’ll be there to help. With that in mind, I want to introduce you to the Volvo Community and all the things they have done for me over these last couple months.

As some of you have noticed, I wasn’t posting a lot on here or on all of the related social media I have for this blog and while I have wanted to, I haven’t been able to due to a bad bout of family issues causing us to move. While I don’t want to get into it too much, it had been happening for a good while now causing all of us involved going our separate ways.

Both me and my mum have recently moved to Arbroath and are now in the process of settling into our new place and ultimately starting afresh. Due to what happened, there was a few things that needed working out and with all of what happened, the C70 was needing. Now while I’m allowed my car back as it is my own car, due to it previously not running, I had to sort something out to get it moved.

This led me to getting in contact with a good friend of mine called Rich who has been an absolute star! Where others would fail and not help, with decent advice given, both me & Rich decided to post out onto the Volvo groups we’re both in asking for some major help in both getting it moved as well as trying to get parts together so the C70 can run again and as a result of both of our actions (Most of which was from Rich), the outpouring of love, support & overall help from tons of members in the groups over these last couple months has been astounding to say the least.

Not only did a guy called Gordon get in contact with me to pick the car up, store it for a little while at an undisclosed location, get it running again and then deliver it to the new address. I also had many people offering up both garage, driveway and unit storage for the plucky little C70. In times like these, both from a personal level as well as a society level it honestly astonished me to have so much support brought my way considering the situation we were in. With society taking a massive downward spiral these days, it’s amazing to see that there is still a bunch of amazing people out there still.

Alongside the support I had, all of my closest mates were also giving me support to get through everything and for that I have the utmost respect for every single one of them. I am not normally the one to ask for help or support so to be given it in the circumstances was honestly incredible.

With everything that has happened, the C70 will finally be shown the love it so desires, Since owning that car I have never let it leave my side so to have it at the new address under its new Car Port home is amazing. My plan at this current moment is to get all the parts it needs and get them fitted for a Volvo Event next year down at RAF Elvington for a Guinness World Record Event. By giving myself a time limit of just over a year, this’ll give me enough time to get it fixed to it’s best abilities ready to show off as well as thank certain people properly in person.

If there was anything I could take out of the situation I found myself in, if any of you reading this are having family issues or anything, simply get out of there ASAP and get the right support needed for you and anyone involved, believe me when I say It’ll get better!, don’t be afraid to speak up and get the help you need from the likes of emergency services and the likes. For me, both the Volvo Community and numerous mates came out in force over these last few months and have helped me out tremendously with everything that went on and for that I can’t say thank you enough and appreciate everything they have done however large or small!

By Alex Jebson

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